Business Solutions


Business Advisory

Your business entity has a significant impact on tax liability. This is why we first explain all the options and recommend the structure that will bring the most tax advantages. But, our role as your trusted business advisor doesn't stop there. 

Tax Preparation

We stay on top of ever-changing tax laws so you can run your business. We will put your mind at ease when it comes to tax credits and deducting business expenses. 


We offer a variety of options to suit your needs; whether it's once a year or monthly service. We have tailored packages for each business. We are accessible year-round to help you through it all. 

State and Local Tax Reporting

We do all the state and local tax reporting so you can focus on your business. Choose this service as part of an accounting bundle or as a standalone option.  


You need to be compliant and we'll help you do that. Let us make your life easier by managing your payroll. We vet the payroll provider so you don't have to; resulting in savings for your business. We have developed key partnerships with top payroll service companies. 

Federal and State Audit

There are only two reasons to get audited: One is if you're randomly selected and the other is if you throw up some kind of red flag. We can't change the course of chance, but we can help you manage your business affairs so you can steer clear of those red flags.  

Whether you are currently being audited, you want to prevent an audit, need help with an audit, or just want general information on an audit, you can contact one of our offices.